"Dr. Emmanuel Dalavai has been speaking to my classes at the University of Kansas for over 13 years and is the highlight of the semester.  He has spoken on several topics including Global Business, Cultural Competence, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership. I’ve had other speakers visit and often hear the students comment, 'S/he was good but no comparison to Dr. Dalavai'.  Not only is he very engaging, but Dr. Dalavai has perfected the art of storytelling and is adept at keeping the audience involved, which further enhances their learning. If you have the opportunity to hear him speak, you’ll leave with valuable knowledge!"

Jana Fitchett, Professor
University of Kansas
Lawrence | KS
"Emmanuel is an exceptional leader, mentor and coach. His depth of perceptions and his belief in good intent are grounded in his knowledge and understanding of others. Few have the rare qualities he possesses and his emotional intelligence affords him deep connections that last a lifetime. He has been a blessing to those his life has touched. I am better for knowing and learning from him."

Karen Watts, Chief Nursing Officer
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Dallas | TX
"Dr. Dalavai (pause, it feels more natural to say Emmanuel because he is so personable) taught a leadership class at our company on Executive Presence. Comments from our managers included: "my favorite course", "outstanding speaker; I loved him", and "we need to hire him for another training!" Emmanuel has very strong communication skills, good use of humor, and made the topic relevant to our unique audience and business situation. I recommend Emmanuel for executive coaching, leadership training, and just about anything he says he can do!"

Mike May, President
Brightspot (Incentive Travel | Event Planning)
Las Colinas | TX
"I had the honor to work with Dr. Emmanuel Dalavai at Parkland Health and Hospital System. In my humble opinion, Emmanuel is a tremendous asset to any team or organization. His business acumen, relationship building skills, work ethics, HR knowledge and strategic thinking are by far amongst the best I witnessed in my career. He possesses superior emotional and social intelligence abilities, positioning himself as a true partner to his stakeholders. His dedication and customer orientation mindset are undeniable. Emmanuel is a strong leader with a focus on the results while maximizing the people. In addition, his is extremely skilled at navigating complex situations and the C-Suite. Considering the current and future strategic needs of any Enterprise from their HR department, it is safe to say that Emmanuel encompass the perfect profile to match that need. It has been a pleasure to partner with Emmanuel in the past and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so in the future. Bonne chance, Dr. Dalavai!" 

Sebastien Girard, Chief People Officer

Corporate Human Resources
Centura Health
Denver | CO
"I have had the opportunity to attend several of Dr. Dalavai's presentations and workshops, spanning a wide variety of topics (including interpersonal communication, EQ, and patient satisfaction). Each time, Dr. Dalavai has shown himself to be a consummate professional with extensive experience in servant leadership, executive presence, and emotional intelligence (EQ). He has the unique ability to translate academic concepts into practical and useful tools and strategies to optimize workforce development. His remarks are always well-received and resonate with the audience. In addition to being an accomplished public speaker, he consistently goes out of his way to build a rapport with participants that puts people at ease and helps them become fully engaged. If you are in search of leadership professionals or facilitators, who are equally comfortable in front of the C-suite as they are with entry-level team members, and everything in between, I would recommend that you preserve your valuable time and give Dr. Dalavai a call."

Salman Moti, Director
Health System Quality
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas | TX

“I have known (Dr.) Emmanuel Dalavai for the better part of the last two decades. He has been a good friend and close business adviser for much of that time. I have found him to be a capable and competent individual in many different fields, but particularly in the areas of HR and leadership development. Emmanuel is a “people person” and takes the time to get to know his clients’ business challenges so he can devise the best possible solutions. He is reliable and trustworthy and has my ringing endorsement.”

Greg Peart, President
Fiducia Computer Assurance
Dallas/Ft. Worth | TX

"In the business environment today, it is refreshing to work with a peer, coach, and friend with such deep rooted commitment, conviction and passion for all they do.  I first met Dr. Dalavai several years ago during his doctoral journey at one of Boeing's largest super subsidiaries (Aviall).  Dr. Dalavai was then and continues to be an aspiring Servant Leader with a passion for inspiring and developing everyone he comes in contact with. Whether working with a seasoned leader, aspiring leader or those that are not sure what path they want to travel, he will put forth the same effort with great passion to uplift and develop the individual or team. Emmanuel will take as much time and put in as much effort as needed to create an impactful and mutually beneficial relationship. He is humble enough to know that while he is generally the coach, the ability to truly connect with those he comes in contact with is a mutual benefit. I would like to thank "Big EZ" (as we affectionately referred to him in the Boeing world) for his coaching, guidance and support, but most of all for the friendship and bond we have formed. I thank him for all he has done for me, and I am sure he will continue to inspire and motivate all those who work with him in the future." 

Brett W. Taylor, Director
Global Operations 
Boeing Distribution Inc. 
Dallas/Ft. Worth | TX
"Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a training session with Dr. Dalavai on Service Excellence, where I was a remote participant. The training was very well done and I appreciated the fact that the training materials were sent to me beforehand. In addition, Dr. Dalavai found ways to engage us as remote participants, which made for a much better learning experience. Previously, when I was employed at other organizations, I attended a few trainings remotely hosted by external speakers/teachers. My experience in every one was poor; and, although I was able to listen, I was not really able to participate with those attending onsite. This was truly one of the best trainings by an external speaker I have been to."

Caroline, Program Manager
"I have known Dr. Dalavai, personally and professionally, for over 30 years. I have closely observed him develop from a diligent and conscientious undergraduate student to a highly respected academic and business leader, and I have consulted with him on a variety of intellectual property and other legal matters along the way. Dr. Dalavai is, unquestionably, as intelligent and wise a person that I have ever personally encountered, and that enables him to quickly and accurately discern complex issues, even when equipped with little background information. Furthermore, as an engineer, I especially appreciate that Dr. Dalavai couples that ability with an equally impressive ability to communicate.

There is no one that I would sooner seek for guidance on anything having to do with human relations in virtually any professional context."

Brian C. Tooks, Registered Patent Attorney
Invention Protection Associates, LLC
Overland Park, KS
“Dr. Dalavai has been a frequent speaker at Southwestern Christian Fellowship and Christian Medical-Dental Association events for our medical students, graduate students, health professional students, interns/residents, and physicians.  He relates well with the students and is able to share about his own life experiences in an authentic way through the power of storytelling.  Over the past two years, Dr. Dalavai has provided several motivational talks on self-care, emotional intelligence, and spiritual intelligence, which are all topics that are crucial to the well-being of our medical students and professionals. His engaging style and personable approach establishes rapport with our audience members and, as a result, has made him both an entertaining and inspirational speaker. I would definitely recommend him to any organization looking for a keynote or public speaker.”

Stan Kwan, Director
Southwestern Christian Fellowship
Dallas | TX
"Dr. Emmanuel Dalavai brings a rare combination of a highly engaged, warm persona with his deep trove of expertise and research in the field of Emotional Intelligence and Executive Coaching to the corporate training and learning initiatives he delivers. During my professional relationship over the past 5 years with Dr. Dalavai, it has been both my pleasure and my benefit as a colleague to observe and collaborate with him in a number of diverse, complex, and challenging corporate settings. What I can wholeheartedly attest to about Dr. Dalavai is that he is able to holistically transfer his SME-level knowledge because he not only “gets it” with how to leverage theory into real-world practice, but because he also has that rare ability to fundamentally connect with his clients and audiences. Any business organization or institution that aspires to be world-class in Leadership Acumen, Employee Engagement, and Training & Development would benefit greatly from retaining Dr. Dalavai’s services."

E. Michael Davis, J.D., B.S.
Boeing Employee Relations
Dallas | TX
I had the privilege of being in the audience at Parkland Hospital of Dallas on several occasions when Dr. Dalavai conducted transformative management classes and delivered highly engaging and interactive speeches on several topics including civility.  His talks are always outstanding in their depth and breadth of content, delivery, and ability to engage and entertain.   I am grateful for the lessons he taught us and that he has the opportunity as a consultant [and global business ambassador] to spread his messages of civility and positivity to an even wider audience.  Dr. Dalavai is one of the most inspirational and entertaining speakers I have ever heard [during my 30 years of service in the medical field] in any venue and highly recommend him.

Jean Akpan, M.D.
Our organization, as many organizations do, gives strong consideration to making strategic steps to advance its mission and effectiveness. We consulted with Dr. Emmanuel Dalavai to advise us of any potential gaps that we might have, and how best to leverage our time and resources for optimum results. Emmanuel is personable, insightful, and gracious in his approach. He also delivers the goods. When you bring in a speaker or consulting strategist, you desire both character and content. Emmanuel packages both. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Jeff Rees, Executive Director 
3S Ministries
"Dr. Dalavai has an engaging and inspirational speaking style. I have attended a series of his advanced healthcare leadership courses over the past two years, and found them extremely helpful in providing tools and insights to improve my performance as a leader. The knowledge and skills derived from his teachings, especially regarding emotional intelligence, have been invaluable in taking my career to the next level. I would highly recommend his services to any organization that strives to develop leaders with greater learning agility."

Dr. Catherine Lux, DNP, APRN, CPNP
Advanced Practice Provider
Dallas, TX
"Dr. Emmanuel Dalavai participated in the Executive Presence leadership certification process through Bates Communications in 2016 during his time with the Boeing Company. Since that time, Dr. Dalavai has been an active supporter of the Executive Presence Index (ExPI) and is a Bates Certified ExPI Practitioner. I wish him the very best in his consulting and teaching endeavors as he seeks to help leaders (and students) from all industries exhibit a higher degree of executive presence."

Jacqueline Brodnitzki, PCC
Director of Leadership Coaching
Bates Communications
Wellesley | MA
"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Dalavai on a workshop for grad students. The topics of character education, emotional intelligence, and leadership strategies have never been more important than they are today. Not only does Dr. Dalavai have his fingers on the pulse of present day problems, he also has the ability to provide solutions in powerful ways.

Dr. Dalavai combines a calming yet confident approach to imparting information in a way that is easy to digest. Participants can immediately implement his strategies to enhance their lives and the lives of others. HIs knowledge, expertise, and delivery is unparalleled."

Marc Hoberman, Director
Grade Success, Inc. 
Someone wise once said that praise should come from others' lips and not your own. With that in mind, Dr. Dalavai has been truly blessed to learn from some of the best in the business. They have taught him the meaning of perseverance, servant leadership, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, and resilience. The aforementioned quotes represent a sampling of what some of Dr. Dalavai's colleagues and clients are saying about him and his services.