Dr. Dalavai is passionately pursuing the current research topics:


If you ask leaders what single most attribute is important to their long-term success, you will probably hear the word "EMPATHY", followed by "empathic listening".  Leadership is about empathy. Learn how to improve your empathic ability, whether you are a healthcare practitioner or in another industry. 

Servant leadership

What attributes comprise being a servant leader and why servant leader behaviors can optimize firm and leader performance.

Compassion fatigue

What is the phenomenon of compassion fatigue, and how can it be prevented in social workers and healthcare workers who rely on the unique construct of compassion to better care for the sick and unwell. 

Executive presence

How Character, Substance and Style (Bates Model) can refine your approach and presence as an executive.

Emotional intelligence (EQ)

Your IQ usually gets you in the front door, but your EQ can help you avoid being kicked out the back door! Learn how self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management can help elevate your career and leadership effectiveness.


How does an individual’s entrepreneurial spirit drive success? Being proactive, taking calculated risks, exhibiting innovativeness, and being a design thinker can help you stand out!