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"In my 30 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Dalavai is probably the most entertaining and inspiring speakers I have ever witnessed." Dr. Jean Akpan (Dallas, TX)

Dr. Dalavai's Suite of Services

Psychological Capital (or PsyCap)

The premise of Dr. Dalavai's suite of services rests in the field of Positive Psychological Capital, or as psychologists and social scientists refer to it, 'PsyCap'. It is the fundamental belief that rather than just focus on "personal shortcomings", organizations and leaders can accomplish more and achieve more by focusing on strengths and positive qualities within individuals. Therefore, the leaders of today can instill in their followers (in increased measure) the attributes of ('HERO') Hope, (Self) Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism (Luthans et al., 2004).

Dr. Dalavai is presently available to assist you and your organization with a comprehensive suite of HR consulting services, ranging from leadership training, to consultation on employee relations matters, strategic business advising, and much more. Here is a sampling of his full suite of services:

Public/Keynote Speaking: Dr. Dalavai is available to provide keynote addresses and public speeches tailored to your unique needs. He also possesses a great deal of experience as an emcee and presenter (Please use the contact form below to request video vignettes and media kit).

Executive and Manager Training: Topics like emotional intelligence, executive presence, conflict resolution, presentation skills, effective negotiation, leadership development, 5 dysfunctions, and more.

Executive and Career Coaching: Strengths-based coaching, career transition, promotion, and otherwise.

Leadership Assessments & Team Building Exercises: Including Hogan, Korn Ferry, Birkman, ExPI, Winslow Dynamic, MBTI, DiSC, Predictive Index, and more.

Executive Presence: Learn about how enhancing your appearance, demeanor, communication, and gravitas can make you a rock star in your organization.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Dr. Daniel Goleman popularized the construct of EQ (or EI); your IQ can help you get in the door, but your EQ usually helps you avoid getting kicked out the door!

Servant Leadership: Famed leadership guru and author Patrick Lencioni says that Servant Leadership is not just one form of leadership; it's the only one to follow.

Mindfulness/Health & Wellness: Langer & Ngnoumen write about the intersection of Eastern thought and Western preoccupation with stress-reducing therapies known as mindfulness. Dr. Dalavai can help you and your organization by establishing a baseline of a mindful state of well-being. By utilizing his training in the various 'intelligences', he is able to equip you with the tools and strategies to integrate your IQ, SQ (spiritual intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence), and your PQ (physical intelligence) to achieve better balance and experience the five facets of mindfulness: Observing, Describing, Acting with Awareness, Non-judging of inner experience, and Non-reactivity to inner experience (Baer, Smith, et al., 2006). 

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